Jitt Nick

In a way Nick started dancing as an escape from daily life, where he was working as a youth counselor and graduating creative therapy classes. For years Nick wanted to dance LindyHop – and finally gave his life that spin.

Hyperactively, he started taking dance courses, combining schools and going to social dances like a maniac. Passing through, projects popped up. Opportunities to train hard, teach, perform and compete came his way.

Learning Lindy Hop should be fun and has not a lot to do with multitude of complicated steps. Do what you feel, be dynamic and keep that flow. Unorthodox and theatrical… what did you expect?

Nick is part of the Brussels performance group Jazz Maniacs.

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Joren Baraka VAN EYKEN

Asking Joren when he started dancing is like asking someone when they started breathing. However, it was clearly in his teenage years that he really started to be identified as a dancer. Around the age of 12, he discovered the culture of African-American music and dance, and thus, jazz. Born in East Africa and having grown up in Western Europe, he is very interested in the connection between the African diaspora and culture in Africa. Soul, Blues, Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop and various African dances make his home. When the revival of Swing took an even bigger dimension at the end of the first decade of this century, he embarked on it with great enthusiasm. Dancer, organizer, performer, teacher, inspiration, ... It is not the performances, the competitions, nor the "vintage" attributes that are important to him. It is really the social dances, the live music, the original spirit and the deep roots of this oral tradition ...

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